How We Do It

We ask the right questions to get the right answer.


To ensure successful project outcomes we utilize a proven linear development process:


First, our team meets with the client’s team to determine roles and responsibilities, scheduling, and reporting requirements. At this meeting we identify a list of key stakeholders and then interview them to gain a deeper knowledge of the challenge and the objective. As part of the interview process, we identify a set of competitors and evaluate them to see what we can learn from the work of others. After this research is completed, we analyze the data gathered and document your requirements.


With the requirements clearly documented we create the project plan, identifying key milestones and touchpoints. In coordination with the client we select the technology to be deployed and evaluate hosting options. When then finalize the budget numbers.


With the requirements and technology in place, we build a prototype of the solution. Working iteratively with you, we fine-tune the specifics before building the prototype.


The prototype serves as the foundation for the final application. We build databases and responsive templates, and the pieces of the puzzle start to come together. Once the application structure is complete, we import the data or populate the content. The final step in the construction phase is to enable integration with other services, such as apps for customer relationship management (CRM) or e-commerce solutions. During the entire process of building the technology, we test for quality assurance (QA) to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the project.


With the completed, tested application ready, we manage the launch. If you choose to host the application internally, we work closely with your IT department to assist with the deployment. When applications are to be hosted in the cloud, we manage the entire process. The deployment phase ends with one final round of QA testing.


We bring our reputation for providing superlative post-deployment support to every project. This includes on-site or remote training in the content management system (CMS) and system documentation. In addition, we offer flexible ongoing support plans, from comprehensive monthly retainer agreements to daily site and application monitoring to more limited ad hoc support. If you wish, we will provide ongoing webmaster services to maintain the content on your site.


The web makes phasing a project easy. Once the initial site or application is launched, it is simple to add new features and functionality. This includes integration with legacy systems so that hard-to-use, archived data again become valuable.


Give us a call, send us an email.......whatever works for you, take the first step towards bringing your vision to fruition!