Case Study

Website with Data Visualizations

Altarum - HealthCare Value Hub Website

Altarum is a nonprofit organization that creates and implements solutions to advance health among vulnerable and publicly insured populations. Altarum is an ardent advocate of health care reform and turned to our team to create an engaging new website. The site houses a library of health care reform initiatives and provides news from across the country. Altarum is a strong brand, and use of its site has exceeded expectations. Site visitors can:

  • Filter the latest health care reform news by state and/or topic.
  • Register for upcoming educational events and view content from previous events.
  • Use a data visualization tool that presents strategies for helps users determine how to get better coverage for their health insurance dollar, find health care from the most qualified provider at a lower price.
  • Peruse publications and newsletters.
  • Learn about the latest initiatives and terminology in health care advocacy.


  • Reinforced Altarum as an important health care advocacy group
  • Provided health care consumers with an objective resource
  • Increased attendance at Altarum events