Case Study

Web Operations

Engility Corporation - Web Performance & Optimization

Engility is a contractor that provides engineering services to the federal government, including the military and the intelligence community, doing $2 billion worth of business a year. We provided consultative services to plan and implement an enterprise website and web application deployment to Microsoft Azure. This project involved all stages of deployment, from planning, implementation and testing to ongoing support. Planning involved analyzing resource, scalability and redundancy requirements. This culminated in the selection and implementation of specific Azure services, as well as processes for continuous updates and monitoring. The overall implementation included setup, configuration and integration (with ExpressionEngine) of the Azure Content Delivery Network to distribute website assets worldwide for faster response times. We worked with Engility’s internal web team to set up both production and staging environments. The project’s phases included: <ul> <li>Planning <li>Deployment <li>Testing <li>Training The project’s implementation included:

  • Deploying and configuring the ExpressionEngine CMS and MachForm forms application on PHP and MySQL
  • Configuring PHP and MySQL
  • Migrating applications and databases to the Azure platform
  • Integrating SendGrid® for outbound email notifications
  • Planning, configuring and testing backup
  • Migrating the domain
  • Establishing continuous uptime monitoring


  • Improvements in site performance
  • Redundancy to support disaster recovery planning
  • Better site scalability