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The Importance of Data Continues its Upward Trajectory

by / March 27, 2024

Analytics buzzwords that continue to be of import: 1) Generative AI 2) Decision Intelligence 3) Data Fabric 4) Data Mesh Architecture 5) Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics 6) Digital Automation 7)

Old Data? Give it New Life

by / February 23, 2024

Rich data is only as useful as people’s access to it.  In the enterprise, legacy databases are the norm.  Problems arise, however, when considering how to grant secure access to

Do This One Thing so You Can Celebrate the Outcome of your Next Web Project

by / January 26, 2024

You know the feeling – the realization that your latest web project is suddenly off course. The development schedule is slipping and budget overages are on the horizon. The likely

Don’t Panic if Google Isn’t Showing Some Love to Your Website

by / November 11, 2023

Your website isn’t “Field of Dreams”…..if you build it, they may not come. Methodical work to promote your site and make it search engine friendly pays off with high rankings