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Old Data? Give it New Life

Rich data is only as useful as people’s access to it.  In the enterprise, legacy databases are the norm.  Problems arise, however, when considering how to grant secure access to the data, as well as how to make the data relevant to the user.

One solution to the accessibility and usability of data is to turn to the web to serve as a secure conduit, making the data accessible to users who do not have easy access to it.  As the data access needs of geographically dispersed staff are considered, for example, it becomes clear that a data-driven web application can be the solution.  Delivery of data via a web application provides:

  • Security
  • Interactivity
  • Real-time data updates
  • Opportunities for comparative analysis

Comparative data, or trending data, can be visualized through infographics: using interactive graphs, charts and other imagery to help data ‘come to life’ for the viewer.